Mary's Art Cafe

Welcome to Mary's Art Cafe!

Mary's Art Cafe is a one-week (4th-10th February) curatorial project by an independent curator, Mary Song.

She will perform as a cafe owner who will present several artists during her cafe hour (12-18).

You can experience the unique cafe culture of Finland as well as the artwork introduced by a 'performing curator' at the same time.

Please make your reservation to visit Mary's Art Cafe via email

You cannot pay with either cash or credit card.

Payment can be made only by a non-monetary form which will be given also with the menu-the artists participating in the show.

Mary is looking forward to your visit to her art cafe!

Mary's Art Cafe

Open: 12-18, 4th-10th February

Address: Vanha Littoistentie 7, Turku 20540,


*When your reservation is confirmed, you will get the phone number to call with the description of the location.