La Biennale di Venezia

     Why everyone comes to see La Biennale di Venezia? Well, I am one of them, but I still don't know the reason, except I can go on an art drug for a short term, then leave such a hectic floating city as soon as possible after overdose of this art drug. I still love Venice and love La Biennale.
     Is this question toward the Venice Biennale quite boring since many already questioned before about the meaning or significance of all the biennial art events in the world? Yet this was one of the main questions I had while I was in Venice this time again. Why do people come to see any biennale?

     Among those thousands of exhibitions, I chose to see something not major but more interesting, such as Modernikon, whose participants are mainly Russian artists, or Anton Ginzburg, Estonia Pavilion, Luxembourg Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, ...... Yes, it was Montenegro which focused on performance art and its archiving.

     More than anything, the fact that the exhibition itself had such a good structure in terms of choosing artwork which goes through the main theme, Illumination, was such a great success.

     It was quite awkward to bump into those new pavilions as a continuous path of Arsenale part, yet it was great to see new pavilions participating this year.

     On the other hand, it was fun to imagine how much arts fund from each country would be in these shows. Did we really pay tax to see these works at our countries? Each country has such a different choice for their pavilion as well as for their after parties.
     It was a fun short art drug on a floating city, indeed.