Eco Art at Pori Art Museum

PORI OF FINLAND is famous for its jazz festival. And right in front of this island where this jazz festival is held, there is an art museum. Pori Art Museum opened an eco art exhibition called 'eco ars'. 

  The first impression I had from this view was 'too many texts' on the wall. (So, I am not putting those texts here.) I was wondering if this exhibition was specially organized for those who can read only big texts, yet I had to hold my question for awhile since I didn't want to be rude to say anything about the exhibition imprudently. However, soon I realized that all the texts on the wall was for children or senior citizen who will visit this museum quite often. These were mainly in this pedagogic reason.

  Since I recognize things through my past, when I saw the video of "Spiral Jetty" shot from the helicopter, I just thought of the class I took at the art school about Site specific art in America. Things are linked in an interesting connection: Finland, Ecology, Site specific art, America, and children or senior citizen who will visit the show.