artificial but natural

ANOTHER CHAPTER of Mary Art Project started being written in Finland today. Hei, hei! Hyvää, hyvää! I went to Rauma Art Museum and found an interesting work by IC-98.
Installation View: Purnu 2011, Orivesi, Finland, 2010 (Colony with Aimo Tukiainen's sculpture Profit (1952)
     Well, at first I just went to see people who work there and tried to say hello in the office, then went to see the exhibition 'Middle of Nowhere'. I got fascinated by this digital animation by IC-98. It seemed natural, but I imagine they must have been done in a super fake way-I mean natural looking thing must be all done by human drawing or painting. It couldn't be more than natural but it's all done by human. Sometimes this scares me-the power or ability of human creation. I thought about a Korean garden 'Seongrakwon' which is also man-made garden looking super natural. Not many people can imagine a little hill at front is the stack of dirt from the garden dug by man which is hidden behind. What about Jusanji in Cheongsong, Korea? Jusanji has such a beautiful natural scene, yet it's man-made lake.
     Then, IC-98's 'Colony'? Take a look this video if you didn't see the exhibition. I am sure this has much less impact than the real exhibition space's presentation, but when I saw this work today, it reminded me of all these artificial-but-natural places.