an Art Museum in front of your home

WHERE DO you live? My parents live right in front of the city museum of art in my hometown. Interestingly, they wouldn't go to see the exhibition unless I go with them. Of course, I encourage them to go there by themselves, but they would say it would be just an exercise not art appreciation without me. Perhaps yes, perhaps no.
Digital Moon by Kyungho Lee, interactive installation, 1993-
     So, we went for a walk to the museum today. 'Media's Garden' was the title of the exhibition we saw today. The exhibition had a lot of interactive media art which was quite unique and interesting as well as a new challenge as a form of art, yet sounds old issue to be art.

water shadow four seasons by Chang-kyum Kim, Video Installation, 14 min, 2006-7

     Water shadow four seasons by Chang-kyum Kim was very meditative. The video itself had such an meditative atmosphere because of natural elements in it, but also the way it has been installed was very nice and soothing for the audience who come in and out the space where it was installed with grass-looking environtment with a huge stone-looking basin.
     Perhaps, it was just a walk to the museum, not any art appreciation. However, it comes to the end of this kind of review what I have seen there, whether I want or not. Occupational disease?