Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunday Lunch with Zsolt Kozma

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     Zsolt Kozma, the curator of Videospace in Budapest, came to Cork to cook Hungarian food and to talk about media art as well as the Videospace. I met Zsolt in Korea back in 2008 through Marianne Csaky. I helped her catalogue for her exhibition since we had to do some translation. Zsolt and Marianne kindly invited me to Belgium that year during my summer vacation.
     That led us to Venice last year as well. We met in Budapest first then went to Venice all together. It was also fantastic because I could meet so many Hungarian art historians, art critics, artists, and galleriests there.

     This Sunday Lunch was about Hungary and Video/Media art. Zsolt kindly explained the brief history of media art in Hungary. Then, we had a great chance to listen some artists online and had a 'conference call' which was very funny in some way, because we never expected one hand, on the other hand we were just watching these artists, but they couldn't even see us, because of all the cords hanging around the computer. The whole presentation was very informative, educative, as well as retrospective.

     We can't skip the food either. The gulash and vegan lecso were served before the presentation. I tastes chicken gulash once before in Korea, so this was my second time to taste. Interestingly, in Korea, there is a very similar dish called 'zzimdak' which is very spicy chicken gulash without any cream. I wonder any connection between these two dishes. Looking forward the next Sunday Lunch, Yum Yum.
     Now, I am thinking about delicious art project. Who wants to do it with me?


All the photos were taken by Victoria Manuel Delgado.

Friday, June 18, 2010


     Cork Contemporary Project has a gallery called 'the Space' on South Mall in Cork. Yes, I didn't know about this place until Bart told me. I was wondering how Cork can survive in terms of art, since there is no commercial gallery compared to other big cities. If you think about art scene, it's more about commerical art galleries or big museums, but here in Cork, you would not find any commercial art gallery like what you see in New York or Seoul. These cities are quite aggressive in terms of art business, but here is a lot about artist-led initiative spaces.

     Moreover, if you don't know about what is going on, you will never know. There is no such a magazine you can pick up and say, okay I will go here or there. It's all about who knows what or who knows who. Yes, there is a little booklet called 'Whazon' in Cork, but this kind of place like C.C.P's the Space wouldn't be on Whazon neither any event at the Guesthouse nor Basement Project.
     Hmmm, it seems like these three places become my favorites. Ha! Okay. Oh, well.