Birth of community through art of cooking

Sometimes you have to cook for the guests you didn't expect to visit you at all. If they are twenty of them not just one person, you might be in panic for a while when you first hear that there will be twenty of the guests coming to your house in two hours.
     This will give a huge urgent 'emergency call' for all your friends who can give you a hand at least. This 'emergency call' might work very well, since anyone can at least 'stir' , 'wash', 'chop' ,'decorate' or even 'clean up'. The power of 'all together' seems much bigger than what we expect, especially when we come to this emergency cooking situation.
     I remember that I went to volunteer to feed those who cannot move around freely because of their body condition or old age, etc. All I did was washing up all the plates, but because there were other people who were cooking, delievering food, cleaning the floor, etc. I could focus on only washing up. It was, yes, miracle.
    The power people can create through any collaboration is amazing to me. This applies to cooking as well. Alternative cooking is interesting in terms of collaboration. The sense of community is born out of this cooking situation. Perhaps, that's why one of the reasons Korean people are obssessed to eating together. A lot of people I meet always say 'let's eat together some time soon'. This means while we eat together we create our own relation through this action-eating together. It has some amazing effect, for example, after having luncheon with a president of a company, some bids can make it as a typical successful story.
     Eating together is a power building, then cooking together is more about sharing our thoughts and experiences. In the kitchen, people create their own connection with one another while the food is being cooked. This is more about letting out, more about catharsis, more sensitive. The experience of eating out or eating together also gives the alliance, but this is quite different than the alliance from the kitchen where all the process is being made.
     Perhaps, this is why I focus on the process of cooking, talking, sharing, rather than just eating together itself, because I would like to build a little big deeper alliance through the long effort of cooking.
     Talking about building a community, outreach program, public art, or relation between art and audience makes me think 'cooking' is the most artistic thing at the moment.