the 2nd Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course Day21

MARIEKE VAN HAL from the Biennial Foundation gave us a lecture with the title of 'To Biennial Not To Biennial?' There are so many 'biennales' in the world. We also include triennale, documenta, manifesta, etc. Her lecture was more like a thesis presentation rather than a form of lecture. It was more in an academic way, which reminded me of nostalgia about my school time. I really miss those days now. It is funny that when you are actually a student, you don't really like that situation, however, once you are out of there, you really want to go back to those times! Now, I miss everything about my school days, even those presentations with long papers we had to write!
     Biennale, this is a topic which I should write my thesis on, I think, not on a blog like such a short time writing, but I can say I am a biennale optimist, too. However, what do I want from these many biennales from? I still question to myself.