the 2nd Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course Day15-19

THINGS ARE not chronological. One of them is my mind, my writing, too. However, it seems that my blog readers missed my writing about the course last week, since I didn't write anything for a while.
     To summarize what we experience last week, perhaps, I must mention something chronological; a lecture by Dan Cameron about Taipei Biennale on Monday, a lecture by Hyo Sang Seung about his architectural projects on Tuesday, Group Study 2 in the afternnoon of Tuesday, inspiring questions and answers by Dan on Wednesday, Group Study 3 on Thursday, and a lecture by Carol Yinghua Lu on Friday.
     Through last week, my mind had suffered because I got very confused about my identity as a curator/performer/artist/writer/ or hobbist (I made this up, because I have a lot of hobbies). Perhaps, this is why I couldn't really write about the course or mentioning everyday's disussion on what we did, what we talked about, what we developed, because I didn't agree that I grow up anything out of this, or think properly to write something here, or even deteriorated, perhaps.
     We have discussed a lot in terms of how we define ourselves. One of the topic which comes up to me was this blog. Do I consider this as a critical writing? 100% NO. The reason why I started this writing was because I didn't know how to explain what I do or who I am to other people. This 'other people' can be anyone who might be interested in art or any of my friends, or anyone who is bored and accidentally ends up here, or future curators who I think it is important to know what is actually going on in reality rather than dreaming about 'becoming' a curator.
     Perhaps, this sounds quite arrogant, but I didn't want to create such an aura for future curators who consider the activity or action 'curating' as a difficult job. I think creating anything, artwork, exhibition, music, or any kind comes from just a simple idea or interest which everyone has anyway, but cannot be bothered to proceed more towards realization.
     Idea is one thing, but realization is another story. Personally, I believe that anyone who has a good idea and leadership becomes easily 'curator'. Ha, is this it? Curator doesn't necessarily mean a good curator. A good curator doesn't necessarily mean a successful curator. A successful curator necessarily mean a good curator.
     As I mentioned at the very first writing on this blog, I had no other word than "curator" to describe what I do. These days, can I be an artist because I started cooking, performing and filming? Or, again, is this word, "artist" the only word I can describe myself again?
     Before I started coming into the art scene, I thought art is the freest thing, so it wouldn't matter what I am, what to name myself, whatever I am called. Well, this was such a misunderstanding about art scene, perhaps. People who isolate their minds with the idea of categorizing and separating, this is what we are. Perhaps as a human being, is it impossible to avoid to think any other way?
     I try to introduce the most similar stories to local people when I travel in other countries. I also try to find out how different we are because we are from different backgrounds, not just because we are from different countries, but because we are from different families, different schools, etc. When I write creative writings, it is not poetry exactly, but it is not a novel, either. Am I a poet or novelist?
     As I incidate on this blog, I am just one of those who like art, something artistic. Once you name it, it becomes power. Perhaps, we are not satisfied with our own names, but want to be called with more names to be meaningful existance. Not to be forgotten.


by Chun-Su Kim(1922-2004)

Until I spoke his name,

he had been

no more than a mere gesture.

When I spoke his name,

he came to me

and became a flower.

Now speak my name,

one fitting this colour and odour of mine,

as I spoke his name,

so that I may go to him

and become his flower.

We all wish

to become something.

You to me and I to you

wish to become an unforgettable gaze.


  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of applying for this curator's course. Do you think it has helped you to understand Art or your work? Or did it just lead to more confusion as you spoke about in your blog?

  2. Hi,
    This might be a little bit late to reply, but my answer should be given anyway. I might have sounded a bit querulous, yet it did help me indeed, but also gave me more confusion, too. Both came at the same time, not separately, but together.


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