the 2nd Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course Day8

Back to Monday. Mami Kataoka, the curator of Mori Art Museum came to give us a lecture. I have been to Mori Art Museum last year before I flew to Frankfurt when I stayed in Tokyo for three days. And I saw the exhibition of Ai Weiwei at that time which Mami talked about today.
     We also listened her about the current exhibition, by three artists; Yoshioka Tokujin, Taro Shinoda, and Kuribayashi Takashi. I am quite familiar with these artists and their style, since I am very interested in Japanese culture, Shintoism, as well as their perspectives towards art, culture, etc.
     Perhaps, this is very different to 'Western' people who have nothing to do with Asian minds, however, the show itself might be interpreted in a neutral way if you don't focus on 'Nature' too much.

     Even though I want to go back, I came too far into art, I can't really go back, I know too much about art, I know nothing about art, that's how I feel after the gallery tour by Massimiliano Gioni.
     Massimiliano went through the exhibition spaces for the Biennale, but without artwork. Well, there were some artwork, but not all since they are being installed at the moment. It was quite painful since the wet paint from the walls really hurt my eyes, nose, and throat. This gallery tour continued on Day 9 as well.