the 2nd Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course Day6

TIME OFF;It means I can explore Gwangju City, where I have never been before in my life this long. I am from the south east part of Korea, therefore, I have been to this south west part of Korea when I came with the group of Korean Studies to visit the important heritage sites.
     Perhaps I am one of the young generation who doesn't think about the May of Gwangju in my life, not just because I am from the east part, but also because I am just too 88 generation who is too busy to think about the score of TOEIC or job hunting after the graduation, perhaps, maybe......
     Anyways, since Arzu called me last night to join me, finally I and Arzu went to the May 18 Monumental Park, but always unexpected situation happens to me, just like some TV sit-com. I bumped into a group of this costume play people in the park, instead of heros from the deomocratic movement.

     I found this very ironic. If you think about how many people died in this democratic movement and the contemporary use of this park by this costume play group. This was almost some sort of surplus of spectacle by this huge statue to remember the historical movement and the other kind of spectacle from young high school (even middle school) students' costume play to mimic a cartoon character instead of any hero from the democratic movement.

     When we enter the memorial foundation building, we couldn't even find any exhibition gallery because they are closed now, but is used as an archive. However, a nice janitor gave us a booklet about the May 18, one in Korean for me, the other in English for Arzu.

     So, we just had to be satisfied with little miniature of the May 18 in the lobby of the building. Then, we kept walking towards the Mugak Temple passing by all these costume play group.
     Mugak Temple was the best choice. I feel very relaxed in a temple. People seem nice and kind in a temple, just like any other religious place. We went to the Lotus Gallery which had contemporary oriental paintings by an artist from Gwangju. We spent some time in the book cafe with a nice buddhist essay book.

     I actually liked all the small curvy ways inside of the park to get to the Mugak Temple. There were many trees, interesting flowers, especially fantastic bamboo trees.

     A lot of people go to bathe with forest these days. Bathing in the forest? No, just breathing and walking in the forest is forest-bathing. This is quite relaxing process of walking and enjoying the nature. I find it very nice for my mental health. However, I also have to think about another health as well, so we went to the duck soup restaurant on the street which was basically only full of duck food.

     It looked very similar to a chicken, but it tastes a bit different, I think. Many people told me that I should find a place for any duck meat, soup, roasted, or any kind of cooking. I think this duck soup was 7 out of 10, I think it has a strong flavour some people would find it very difficult to eat because of the Korean water parsley. If you like this, it should be a fantastic meal. I really enjoy the frangrance from it. If you don't like this fragrance like my mom, it could be quite difficult to eat. Or if you are a vegetarian.
     Perhaps, tomorrow can be my day off, or I might have another story to write about even Sunday, since tomorrow is Korean Independence Day! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!