Mary Art Project is... and Updated News

     NOT ONLY for curators, but also for everyone in the world, things are not always successful. We get some success and we also get some failure. This is very fair. Very much.
     Are you a young curator? Are you a young artist? Are you poor but busy for applying for many exhibition opportunities? You sound very normal. Just like everyone else I met in this art world.
     How many opportunities do you usually apply? Are you one of those artists who are too busy to apply for all the open calls you see on the websites and cannot actually develop your own artwork? Are you one of those curators who get exhausted after applying for fund, grant and more fund? Oh, well. You sound very normal, too!
     I want to say "keep applying!" I wouldn't mind failing since we all know that 'failure is the mother of success', don't we?
     If you offered me your email address and if I find those somewhere, you must get emails from me sometimes about some opportunities which might suit you in the world.
     Some artists told me that I have 'Mary Gangsters' instead of Mary Songsters, because of all the 'family' I have around me. Well, this 'family' is a very important group to me. They are very nice artists or curators I have met or have known so I want to put them in my project when I get to any chance. Some people might criticize me that I create such 'power' to control others, but I never 'created' this 'power', but it is just my simple gesture of out thinking "oh, it will be more fun if these people gather under this kind of theme." Yes, I am pretty simple.
     If you think of this kind process, Mary Art Project is a very big project.

1. curatorship-this is very essential, and I try to create philosophical exhibition, just simply I am very interested in it. Lots of thinking and writing from my brain. Being creative is very difficult, I know, but if you are an artist or a curator, you might have already got over this kind of pressure on you? Oh, no? Well, I know this is the effort we have to try FOREVER in our whole life time!
2. art management-this is also very important, and the more I think of this subject, the more I think art world as entertainment world. All the artists are like celebrities, aren't they?
3. art travel-well, this is vital as well. What you see, listen, feel, and experience is all about you. A lot of gallery hoppings might give you more inspiration and energy to survive, but you also need to go to the nice ones. More residencies mean more traveling plus lots of adventure and inspiration.
4. artistic performance-this performance is also important part of the project including cooking, modelling, talking, perhaps playing the piano soon again? I need to have a look how my piano is sitting in my room today soon, I am actually very excited to see my lovely piano again! I am bringing a guitar today as well, so we shall see how those two sound together. I think modelling was the most fun job every though!
5. I guess more and more will come along here....

     Yes, Mary Art Project has many things inside as well. Now, you know a little bit about it, however, we still have to see a lot more than this.
     Nex week, there is an exhibition opening which has my little essay in it about "Travel Grant and Grand Tour" at Eulji Hospital, Seoul, Korea. I wrote this essay because I wanted to compare this travel grant system and the Grand Tour from 17th century England, since this exhibition is a sort of report from our granted travels. Yes, some of you might remember the whole curating story in this project, but I think it is very difficult to explain what curating means, especially my curating. So, it just ended up with my essay with different title which the museum decided. And I am still not so sure about the detail of this exhibition yet. Everything seems so untangible until it opens up.
    A good and exciting news is that from 9th August 2010, I start attending the international curator course at Gwangju Biennale in Gwangju, Korea. Yay! It has a lot of lectures by Massimiliano Gioni, Hyo Sang Seug, and Dan Cameron, the visiting professor for this course. Moreover, we have to do our presentations as well. Oh, no! I am pretty shy (no one believes me when I say this, ha ha ha!), when I do any presentation. It is not like being a model or singing a song, but presenting my ideas......but it will be fun, of course.
    And the most exciting project I am working on now is the upcoming exhibition . This will be held from 19th till 31st of August at the Korea National Univeristy of Arts(K-Arts, I am not really fond of this name, by the way, I prefer the old name, KNUA). Thanks to the Research Center for Visual Studies. Roland Etzin from Gruenrekorder is on the way to Korea with his field recording through Russia, Mongolia, and China. Are you ready to open your ears?
    One last thing, I will try to write my art diary on Mary Art Project while I do the course in Gwangju Biennale. I hope to find a lot of fun stories behind the scene! Coming soon!