Ki Woun Shin + The Quiet Club

     8 o'clock. It was a normal Thursday in April. However, a lot of people showed up for the performance by the collaboration of Ki woun Shin, the Korean artist I brought to Cork and the Quiet Club, one of the leading sound art group in Cork.
     At the beginning of my residency at the Guesthouse, I had some ideas for the collaboration of international artists and local artists, but it was quite abstract and vague. I had to narrow down everything to the very specific idea in terms of form of the exhibition or performance, or even talk. Since we made a successful lunch with Korean food and a great artist's talk by Ki woun, and Trace Perforamce with awesome sound, we tried to do something visual with sound art.
     Fortunately, we had a great chance to work with a great Sound Art Group, the Quiet Club. Danny and Mick have their own instruments. They create various kinds of sound out of their own instruments. Some are made out of toys, strings, horse hairbrush, stone, etc... You can be as creative as possible for this.

     Here in Cork, I am getting to know more about Sound Art. I have written about it before as well about how I am getting into the Sound Art World more and more. It's quite amazing from the different point of view than just music.
     This Grinding Performance with Sound was a form of collaboration between visual art and sound art. This was quite a new challenge for me to think about, but I wanted to do any form of collaboration between these two. As usual, I wanted to do something fun, and I did. The three artists who played for this performance had not talked about any plan in advance. What kind of sound they will play, what kind of rhythm they will make, when they would stop playing, when they would grind faster than slower, etc.... Without any sort of promise among these three artists, the performance itself flows as it goes.
     Ki woun found a saving box in a local shop. This pig saving jar has bright nice green color with shamrock just like what every tourist who visits Ireland would imagine about 'souvenir.' Piig became Portugal, Iceland, Ireland and Greece these days since the economic crisis has come to us. So, this pig was a good focus to grind during this performance.
     Actually, a lot of people got disappointed how small amount of the pig had been ground during the performance. According to Ki woun's explanation, it will take days to grind the whole pig with the full strength and speed. This also produces too much dust, so he could not do that unless he puts the protection for the audience. Perhaps, you will find more interesting facts about his work during his talk which I put the link before.
     As I always say, sometimes curating is not what you think or imagine. It could be something very simple. You want to try something this and that. And why don't you try then? The artist that you are intrested in would willingly show his or her work or willingly perform their passion. You never know, but you should just go and do it. In my case, a lot of things exist just in my mind, but once I decide to do it, it always turns out pretty good. In this performance case, it was very good.