Curator Residency_Sunday Lunch @theguesthouseproject

   Finally, I did my turn! I made Bibimbap and Bulgogi for Sunday Lunch at the Guesthouse in Cork, Ireland.
  Okay, first of all, I should explain how I met these people for you who are thinking "how people get in this kind of thing?"
   I met Tamara at the Cork Vision Centre through Brian who recognized me as 'a Korean girl' by my fashion taste. He introduce his housemate Tamara who is studying art administration in Cork at the moment. She was very active and curious about many art projects in Cork. I met her again for some art exhibition openings. She introduced me Mick who is an artist in Cork, and he was involved in this art project place called 'the Guesthouse.' 
   I went to the Guesthouse before to see other exhibitions as well. Above all, I wanted to cook and introduce Korean food as well as Korean artists.  This went well toegether with the Guesthouse's aim. So I started my curator residency from March 14th for three months at this beautiful project space.
   I invited Ki Woun Shin who lives and works in London at the moment to do his artist talk which came out very successfully, and Paul and Mick did CD launching under the name of TRACE. 
   All the project for the art community are quite diverse-art exhibition, cooking perfomance, and sound art. This is why I like getting involved with making art community by curating an art exhibition which is not just identified as 'fine art exhibition' but more collaborative and experimental ways of presenting 'ART'.
    This is what I wrote for the invitation about Shin's artwork.

Shin's work shows how attached we are with the material; new technology, superheroes, text books, money, classical instruments, etc. - all the 'important' things which we would never imagine destroying, especially if these are very new and expensive or if these are what we worship. The more he grinds, the more we lose our 'precious' stuff. When he plays this process of grinding backwards, he creates the whole world back, but we know all the materials he ground already became dust in the grinding machine. He touches our deep emotion towards 'important things' by grinding all these into dust. Then, he just gives these back to us as only images he creates by playing the video backwards. Then, we think to ourselves, what was so important? Or was it really important? Shin's philosophical approach by grinding lets us rethink our attachments and the attitude towards social constructs in the different dimensions of human life. -by Mary Song

And this was the invitation. I will upload some more picture about artist talk and sound art concert later on.

 All the snap shots by Chika Ueda