Music and Art

Wow, I haven't written for ages here again. It happens when my life is too busy with other things. That's the excuse I have used in my whole life. And I will used it later again. Anyway, back to my artistic life.

I loved playing piano since I was very young. I asked my mom to send me to the music after school in the little town I used to live, whereas a lot of kids in Korea are forced to go to a piano school, a taekwondo school, a ballet school after they finish the regular school.
I was very volunteery about learning music note and how to play piano. All these classical music education became quite frenzy at the end when I got to know Korean traditional music, including royal music and folk music. There were so many different concepts in Korean music from the western classical music I had learned before. 
I worked for a Korean Cultural Group which gave me the chance to get invloved with organizing a traditional Korean performance for non-Koreans in Korea. This gave another perspective towards Korean music, dance, and visual art as a collaboration.
Since I have experienced 'Sound Art' in Yogiga gallery in Korea, and many sound artists in Cork, Ireland now, I thought about different sounds of every music from each countries or different version of classical music as well.

When the Glucksman Gallery held this performance by Vanbrugh Quartet, I realized that the classical music has very different sound of its world which I couldn't think about before when I played piano at the music school. I kind of lost my track in the music history after 'Finlandia.' This is the last thing of music history I remember. After that, everything goes straight to pop music. With short knowledge of music, yet I appreciate many different kinds of music. I complain when it's noisy, I love it when it's romantic, I criticize when it's too boring, I just say what I feel.
Once there was a performance in Yogiga Gallery in Seoul with dozen of iPhone by sound artists and audience. It was quite impressive to realize what we can do with such a thing to create music harmony. 
The performace by Vanbrugh Quartet was also interesting because we realize that we don't have to make music with such a 'serious' way with only tunes that we know and harmony we have to create, but we can add any interesting method or toy to create more tension or relaxing tone of the whole performance. It was brilliant.

I was quite suprised how unique the music department in UCC(University College of Cork) with traditional Irish music, sound art, classical music, modern and contemporary music. Usually when we think of 'music department' in any university, it becomes more or less classical music department, but when the music department in UCC presented such a different perspective by collaboration with visual art, I thought, ok, this is it, this is what all the artists need to do. We get more ideas and more creative when we interact, exchange, and communicate with each other. Music and Art.
Even though we don't mention John Cage or Nam June Baik, there are many artists who practice DJing as a part time job and keep their occupations as a painter or a sculptor. The overlapping music and art creates such a synergy which we don't really realize when we experiece only music or only art.