Sunday Lunch at the Guesthouse

On Sunday, yes, the 14th of February 2010, well, you might think, oh, Valentine's day? or Singles Awareness Day? oh well, well, well, it was New Year's day of 2010 for me as in Korea as well as for those billions of Chinese people. Since it was New Year's day, I made some rice cake just to feel some holiday atmosphere.
The Sunday Lunch program at the Guesthouse is a very interesting collaboration among artists, performers, or any audience who visit this place. Sean was the chef on Sunday. He made Mole de Corozon and lovely passion fruit tart with chili ice cream. The appetizer was by Mick, the famous Japanese miso soup.
About 40 people turned up for this. The Guesthouse was pretty much packed. After this beautiful lunch, we went upstairs for the performance by sound art groups.

I was helping on Sunday, but mainly to practice a little bit and to realize how it would be like when I do this in March. And I also realized that I do not like food when it is too salty, but I eat with very plain taste.

And I also ate chicken heart by accident. The thing in the middle is spicy chilly chicken heart covered by chocolate, which is Mick's experiment. It was fantastic, but I forgot that I was trying to be a vegetarian. Oh well.....

I haven't had Mexican food for a long time after Gio made some nice lunch for me in Frankfurt. This was such a nice nostalgia for me, because of all my South American friends and their food in Korea, oh.... yummy..... I know if you think about Korea, you would not imagine South American food, but oh well, Seoul is quite international sometimes.

Sound Art is more than just sound itself. You have to be there and see the performance itself as well to feel proper sound art, I reckon.
The Quiet Club played the performance on last Saturday at Triskel as well. I went there briefly, but it was interesting that people who were walking on the street actually stopped and tried to listen what it was about and passed by. It is such an interesting reaction from audience. This time, it was planned performances, so people sitting on the chairs and had intentions to listen but it's more interesting when things happen without so much expectation.
More than anything, I love the instruments these artists created. There are so many different kinds of them which I love about. There was a TV documentary program in Korea about creative art academy after school program with artists in Korea. Several primary school children were creating their own instrument with a singer. What do you think as the most interesting instrument in the world? You might create your own instrument today.
Next time, I would like to introduce a couple of Korean instruments for these artists. They might get some ideas out of these.
For more creative sound.......we cook, we see, we listen, and we feel.