Tamara invited me to the exhibition 'Backstory' at the Cork Vision Centre where we met last month. This exhibition is about the artwork made by the students from CSN, where Tamara takes her art administration course. Some of the pieces at this exhibition really caught my eyes. And this is one of those works.

This work is by Deirdre Hewetson. Her creative ceramic work is very monumental, but on the other hand, it's quite familiar with each figure which we might find from our mirror everyday. Looking at any mirror in our ordinary everyday gives us the transformed dimension from two to three-dimension through the action of looking at a mirror. And this work was actually transformed to three-dimensional world without the acting of looking at any mirror, but looking at the artwork.
I had to leave early for toastmasters' meeting, but this free exhibition is worth it to visit to inspire your creative mind.
It's opened until 24th February 2009 at Cork Vision Centre on North Main Street, Cork, Ireland.


  1. Hello I am on the same course with Tamara. Thank you for visiting the show and the write up!

    eimear kelleher

  2. Hi, I am the Course Director, and organiser of the exhibition. The Arts Administration students have been amazing getting the show up and running and our weekend programming has gone well. I can put you in touch with the artists whose work you like. They are Deirdre Hewetson (ceramic piece); Eva Muehlebach (wall hanging) and Anne Kiely (chairs with upholstery). It is such a lovely thing to have the exhibit noted by a travelling curator. Thanks very much. Carol White


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