Travel Grant & Ireland

After the first show I organized in 2007, I had several other shows, which I might post here later on, including Minority Report and Young Collectors' Choice

Anyway, now, I am in another project. This is another story to tell you! I got a travel grant to come to Ireland!!!! I didn't really think about Irish Art before. As usual my life, things just come up with no expectation. I applied for the travel grant competition at Ilhyun Museum of Arts last summer. I thought 'well, I will just try, why not?' Then, I got it! Well done, Mary!

At this point, you will think "Why doesn't she explain how she could get the grant rather than skipping the whole process?" Well, It's a long story, but you might want to know if you want to get a travel grant from a museum!

I applied with my thesis plan first which was about Renaissance Art, and I didn't hear anything from them at all. They called me after I thought I might just fail, and the museum representative (I don't know how it was, in Korea they don't really say their names unless you really need to know) called me and asked me if I have anything I can prove about what I did before such as exhibitions, writing samples, etc. It all turned into another 'curator' thing again rather than an art historian which I preferred to get in as. Anyway, all the candidates for this competition had to participate in 'workshop' for three days. Was it three days? Now, I have to check with my diary. Let say it was three days. Okay? Then we had to make presentation in front of judges, three people who are museum director, critic, etc.. 

Ireland is an interesting country when you compare with Korea. Korean people are sometimes described as Irish of the Orient. They love drinking, singing, and dancing, I can tell. Both Ireland and Korea have lived with influence of big empires of Britain and Japan. Both of them are separated into North and South, but with different reasons. I am sure there will be more I will get to know everyday about these two countries, especially about Irish Art, which I am keen on now.

There are several websites you might want to visit if you want to know about Irish Art.
Here you go!

You are very welcome to add any website you know about Irish Art!