I decided to get into the local society, since I need to know a lot of people who can help me finding my path in Art. I went to Cork Vision Centre for the opening gala for John Adams' Exhibition.
Well, if you just walk around near this place, you would never imagine what inside looks like. This building is an old church renovated to a beautiful gallery. It still has the fantastic exterior and some interior such as windows or arch as well. I love when people save old buildings and use it as different functions instead of destroying the whole building with such a crazy machine like a bulldozer!
I was happy to meet a lot of people in this opening party as well, including the artist John, and the ladies from the toastmaster!
I haven't heard about toastmaster before, but I thought if there is any chance I can develop my public speaking better, it would be nice. Well, I will visit tomorrow and see how it is like.
How I started knowing these people? Well, I was at the exhibition and saw a lady with a beautiful scarf and a purse matching. I talked to her and mentioned that she must have made all these. And she did. I also have this old sewing machine, Singer, very old one from 1920s? (I still haven't had any chance to visit the sewing machine store yet) Anyway, that started everything. Louise introduced many people after all, Maeve, Linda, and even John. That was very quick.

Anyway, back to the exhibition, John Adams' landscape was totally localized. This was very interesting point to me that I can think localization in art. In Seoul, Korea, all we think most of the time is 'globalization.' Especially after one of the Korean presidents started mentioning about it after his trip to another country. However, 21st century, right now as an artist, localization is one of the strength you can have as a big advantage.

The first thing I do whenever I travel to another country is localizing myself and trying to adapt to local system, culture, cuisine, people, etc.
Well, another big localization I did that day was being on the local newspaper next day!