In Light of Dark Matter

I didn't know about this exhibition until I met Mick O'Shea again at Glucksman gallery. I was going to see him another day, but he told me about this exhibition which was the same day for the President's visit.
I always thought Fenton Gallery was a part of backwater artists group. I still have some confusion about galleries in Cork. It seems there is not many commercial galleries here. If you think about Seoul, tons of galleries everywhere in Insa-dong, Sagan-dong, and Cheongdam-dong area. Also, there is no magazine you can see in Seoul like Seoul Art Guide here in Cork. So, you just have to know all these to go and enjoy! Perhaps, the size of the population in Ireland drives the way it works only this way? I am not so sure what will be the right answer for it, anyway.

Yes, anyway, I managed to get there. The exhibition was duet show by two artists, one from Ireland, Brian Walsh and the other from Sweden, Jone Kvie. Originally Jone is from Norway. And two curators; one from Ireland, David Dobz O'Brien and the other from Sweden, Ola Gustafsson. Here they are.

Ola Gustafsson, David Dobz O'Brien, Brian Walsh, and Jone Kvie at the opening gala.

Dobz is a program manager at National Sculpture Factory in Cork. And Ola is a director for ELASTIC in Malmö, Sweden. These two curators collaborated and chose two artists from each country and organized the show.

Well, as you would imagine, especially if you are Korean, the artwork with fan-head must be very interesting! Not because of anything else, but because of the myth of fan-death in Korea. Koreans believe that you will die if you turn on your fan all night without any window opened. Non-Koreans will say it's absurd to believe it, but many Korean people would never sleep without timer on their fan to turn it off automatically at some stage.

La Société des Amis du Crime was there as well. Here Paul Hegarty and Vicky Langan. If you are interested in their music, you can just search their name or click the name here.

So, the experience here at this exhibition was fantastic. It was stimulating all of my senses from fan death to music group. I can't forget a little child trying to touch one of the artwork there. It's very tempting. And this proves that the exhibition was very inspiring and seducing in some way as well. If you go inside of the two caves, (well, I would like to call it cave, it's fun place to be, I think.) there is more to see. I thought they were waiting for me since it was sitting on the mat, which looks like picnic mat in Korea. However, it's Meteorite Carpet-Bronze and Tarpaulin. Unfortunately, I don't have the photo of this work. Another edition is in Arts Council Norway. You can see it at Kvie's website. Click 2001 artwork to see this work. More than anything I love the carpet color. I thought the color mixed really well with bronze and shiny material.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to talk about Brian Walsh's work. Well, you might be wondering whenever you go any art exhibition opening, 'what do they talk about?' 'why do people talk and talk and talk?' Well, not only because we are drinking, but also because we are interested in talking about art, what it is, how we feel when we see things.
Are you going to another art exhibition opening today? Feel free to talk about what you think!


  1. Hi Mary, Hope you are well. I finally found you here. From now I will follow your art stories here. I am now in Brasil and just bought a pretty bike for touring around South America. Soon I will post a new pics on the blog. We have to meet up soon. How long are you for in Europe???big kisses, Iza

  2. Fantastic, Iza!
    I will be here in Ireland for a while! I love your story of travelling all over the world as well! Enjoy my art story here, too!! Let's catch up soon!!
    hugs and kisses, Mary


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