Glucksman Gallery

You might notice a lot of places in Cork have been closed due to the damage from the flood in last November. One of the places we couldn't really go was the UCC gallery. Lewis Glucksman Gallery is located at the very entrance of the University College of Cork. It is very close to the channel, they have even 'River Room' in the gallery. As a lot of press and media reported, the gallery was seriously damaged by the flood in last November. I saw some pictures, which was exhibited as they re-opened the gallery, showed even the entrance of the gallery which is a ground floor from the main road, but the first floor from the structure of the building itself was half under the water during the flood.
Unfortunately, they kept a lot of artwork under this entrance level. After closing down for a long time since this flood, finally the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese came to Cork to re-open the gallery.

A funny story to add here. I was walking back from the Cork lake 'Lough' after taking a walk along the lakeside with nice swans. All of the sudden the sound of siren came closer and closer to the road where we were. It was the President who was on the way from the Cork airport towards the gallery to re-open it. We waved to her, and she waved back to us with smile. No one was around, but me and James wearing walking clothes. I thought about South Park at that moment. When we saw her at the reopening of the Glucksman gallery, she already looked too familiar like my neighbors.