Francis Bacon

Of course, I also went to galleries in Dublin before I came to Cork. One of the exhibitions I saw was A Terrible Beauty at Dublin City Gallery, Hugh Lane. When I arrived in Dublin first, many people told me about this exhibition, whether they saw it or not, to get into the conversation with me by talking about something art. It helped me a lot to find out what kind of exhibitions are around in Dublin, so I could go and find things easily.


At first, I thought, is this Francis Bacon the one I think? It was yes and no. Francis Bacon, the philosopher was a 16th century man. However, this Francis Bacon is a painter who painted the famous Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953, Des Moines Art Center, Iowa, USA).

Here again, I never thought this painting was painted by an Irish artist! Surprise, surprise!
This kind of self-taught artist always encourages me start painting. Perhaps, I can just study hard enough by myself to paint?
If you are one of those who bought the Bob Ross' painting set, you might understand what I mean here! Good luck for your painting if you are working on any artwork right now!
You may need a lot of study just like Francis Bacon did in his whole life.


  1. Mary, it's Hong Lee from Seoul, the Curator of Ilhyun Museum you've mentioned below.
    Well I just happened to find you here and I'm so happy that you're doing a great job. I wish to hear more about your travel: I'll try to come back as much as I can. Cheers!!


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