Crawford Art Gallery

Terror and the Sublime
Art in an Age of Anxiety

Some people said they wanted to go to see this exhibition because of the poster they saw. The poster shows you a granite which looks a little bit shiny and expensive. If you look at it very quick, it almost looks like made out of gold or silver. The reason why I went there was simply because it is a municipal gallery of Cork. I visit every gallery in any town I visit. What else do you do as a art lover?

Crawford Art Gallery used to be a custom house for Cork. If you go upstairs to take a look inside of each room, you will realize that people who used to do all the accounting in this building must have enjoyed the view from the windows towards the river Lee.

Among all the artwork in this exhibition Terror and the Sublime, I focused on the work by Michelle Deignan. It was a single channel digital video with sound. The title was Our Land. You can read about this artist or her work on her website

Well, the whole exhibition was about Terror and the Sublime, but this one was particularly appealing by  two 'presenters' who did not show much expression on their faces while they were telling all the stories about murder or war, etc.

However, I partly agree on this. We do not have much expression any more on our faces when we talk about anything horrible anymore, since so many bombings, too many wars all over the world. This is totally crazy. Imagine all the human beings that you see everyday will have such a face! Moreover, what if we already have all those faces?
Anyway, even though we don't go all the way back to Edmund Burke's A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, we can think of sublime within everyday's life we have now. Especially, when we look at all the faces which can tell you many stories with something missing there.