Art, the beginning

Dear Art Lovers,

I never even thought or imagined that I would be a curator in my life time, even in my dreams. I always wanted to be a poet, and I still do. Therefore, I still think I am not really a curator, but only an 'art lover.' The way I got to this point with art, artists, exhibitions, any art party or performance all started in Australia. Well, it's quite a long story to explain how I ended up going to Australia from the first place, so I have to put it away for a while. In the meantime I would prefer to show some interesting art I saw in Australia. Perhaps, a lot of introduction of the art scene of each country which I visit might come along as well after this.

Carolyn Fels was one of the artists I met in Australia while I was working as an intern at an art gallery in Melbourne. She had her solo exhibition in 2005. Her landscape was formed in a different perspective, with non-rectangular canvases, which I thought brilliant for landscape works.

It seems like there is not much going on after the exhibition I saw while I was working there, according to the information on her website. I wonder if she has any plans to have a new exhibition soon. Since I left Australia at the end of 2005, I haven't really kept my eye on the Australian art scene. However, I can be very sure Melbourne is a very good city for artists who want to experience the free spirit of Australia as well as its art scene for their career. An affordable art fair, many galleries in the city and several festivals every month might get you to 'art heaven,' of Australia.I know there are millions of you who go to Australia for working, travelling, or just visiting family or friends. When you can tell there is a different, unique 'Aussie' spirit, you must feel and experience the different art scene there as well.
I can strongly recommend you just go and walk around all the art galleries wherever you go for your little trip. You may find the biggest treasure of your travel sometimes. And this is how I found many of my chances of my life to meet interesting people and see interesting art as well.

Good luck, and enjoy ART!